Risk Assessment

We have worked with the Inland Waterways Association, and the Canal and River Trust to create a preliminary risk assessment of the litter picking event along the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal. The planned date for this is the 10th 24th July 2021, and will be a series of mini litter picks lowering the perceived risks of large numbers of people on the towpath at one time.

There are two key metrics for the assessment:


We rate the likelihood of something happening from 1-5 (low to high likelihood):

1 - Very Unlikely (VU)

2 - Unlikely (UL)

3 - Likely (L)

4 - Very Likely (VL)

5 - Almost Certain (AC)


We rate the severity of something happening from 1-5 (low to high impact):

1 - Near Miss (NM)

2 - Minor (Min)

3 - Time off work more than 3 days (>3d)

4 - Major Injury (Maj)

5 - Fatal (F)

Each risk is rated by calculating the potential likelihood (L) multiplied by the potential severity (S).