Piggery bridge | white bridge

Meeting Place - 10:00 am

We will meet on the on Ealing Road, Alperton outside Venice House. We will work west towards Piggery Bridge and east towards the White bridge at Carlyon Road.

On the Day

You will be greeted by Mari Honda-Wolf from the 243 Canal Group, who will run through the safety briefing. You will then need to complete a sign-in sheet, confirming you understood the briefing, and giving us emergency contact details. We will keep this sheet for no longer than 21 days after the event to comply with GDPR regulations.

We will supply all the equipment you need, but please bring strong gloves if you have them. You should also bring a drink and a snack as litter picking is thirsty work!

Area Covered

This pick covers the towpath between Piggery bridge and the White Bridge (Hazel Grove)

Local History

Piggery Bridge

Old local maps don't specifically show a piggery next to the bridge, although there does seem to have been a smallholding on the North side. There were however piggeries in Alperton:

"In the late 19th century, as the most industrialised village in Wembley, Alperton was famous for disgusting smells. The source included a sewage farm, two recycling plants producing manure, and three large piggeries. Around this time, punch-ups were common among the brickfield labourers, and bareknuckle boxing bouts and cockfights took place on Sundays at Honeypot Lane."