Meeting Place - 10:00 am Hayes Bridge (Uxbridge Road), Southall

We will meet on the towpath on the north side of the bridge . If you see steps and swans, you're the wrong side of the bridge!

On the Day

You will be greeted by Jags Sanghera who will run through the safety briefing. You will then need to complete a sign-in sheet, confirming you understood the briefing, and giving us emergency contact details. We will keep this sheet for no longer than 21 days after the event to comply with GDPR regulations.

We will supply all the equipment you need, but please bring strong gloves if you have them. You should also bring a drink and a snack as litter picking is thirsty work!

Area(s) Covered

We will cover the towpath south to the Blair Peach school alleyway, and north to Spike Bridge. We will also litter pick Bankside to the left of the towpath.

Local History

Hayes Bridge has suffered from many arson attacks in recent times, but the culprit is now 'elsewhere' so a restoration can start to be planned.

The original Hambrough Tavern on the south side of the bridge sadly didn't survive the Southall riots in 1981. Now, its replacement is on the demolition list, to be replaced with flats.

Blair Peach school opened in 1987 on former allotments. It was named after
the New Zealand-born teacher who was killed while demonstrating against the National Front in Southall in 1979. In 1992 the council changed its name to Hayes Bridge primary despite protests. In 1994, a new council administration changed the name back to Blair Peach school.