A40 Bridge | Black Horse

Meeting Place -10:00 am

We will meet outside the Black Horse, near the road to keep the towpath free,

On the Day

You will be greeted by Fiona Dickie who will run through the safety briefing. You will then need to complete a sign-in sheet, confirming you understood the briefing, and giving us emergency contact details. We will keep this sheet for no longer than 21 days after the event to comply with GDPR regulations.

We will supply all the equipment you need, but please bring strong gloves if you have them. You should also bring a drink and a snack as litter picking is thirsty work!

Area Covered

This pick covers the towpath between the Black Horse and the A40 bridge.

Local History

The Black Horse

In this photo taken in 1938, we can make out the Black Horse next to the canal bridge. Whilst the pub may be recognisable, the graceful hump back bridge certainly is not. It was replaced in the second half of last century to allay fears that the many lorries from the light industrial estates nearby would cause it's collapse.

We also see the newly built Glaxo factory, the main frontage along Greenford Road is now a grade II listed structure. The rest of the buildings on the site have now been demolished and are being replaced with apartment blocks. The new development has been named Greenford Quay, and includes a new footbridge over the canal.