Loz's Litter

Saturday morning Week 50.

Celebrating 50 litter picks with a box of Heroes in the sunshine with our all lady team Liz, Zahara and my lovely friend Lynn who is visiting me from Leeds this weekend. It was a three hour morning of endurance. Cans, bottles, usual rubbish with very little exciting finds. Excepting 2 random bags of cabbages, one complete with snail attachment and a small Indian Ganesh. Tried unsuccessfully to give the cabbages away to passing people, can’t think why they wouldn’t take one????

We carried 4 life jackets and our net but this week there was no “churn” so these accessories weren’t needed. However, the bushes were in a dreadful state in parts. Even the “no fly tipping” zone where the CCTV watches was more full than usual. (Note all the excitement from last week’s CCTV installation, which sadly doesn’t appear to be making a jot of difference)

So, 50 litter picks and is there any kind of improvement over the last 16 months?

  • Yes, the area where we planted out small bushes is staying free of litter, there generally appears to be less kids toys, clothing, trolleys, suitcases, and big household rubbish dumped along the towpath.

  • No, there are even more cans and bottles and mini black plastic carrier bags which are used to carry the booze. Obviously with improving weather, more drinkers are heading out to socialise.

Anyway Lynn and I drove home today, completely exhausted, feeling grubby and dishevelled round the edges, eating our remaining Heroes and feeling pleased with our clearing up efforts.

Big thanks to Liz and Zahara too. Massive apologies to Zahara as we bought out the chocolates while you were fasting. If I had realised I would have been more discreet. Thank you for your acceptance of our indulgence. #wecanbeheroesjustforoneday #50litterpicks #cleanertowpathsforeveryone #goodfriends

Actually, what I am guilty of when litter picking is not always seeing the beauty around me as my face is always looking in bushes for rubbish. This boat was stunning with it’s display of flowers and the skies were summery blue. It’s always a treat in itself to be outdoors. Team picture courtesy of @craigleckenby , my paparazzi


"Saturday morning saw a dreadful mess at the 'library' bridge near Sainsbury, Alperton, where the very full and heavy bag we had left there split and spilt its contents onto a windy towpath. Using some very choice words, I managed to clear it up and was then hailed by a man on a bike. His name was David, a boater - he had been looking for me, to give me a couple of bunches of daffodils to say thank you for my/our efforts - I nearly cried!

Thank you David for making my day."