Week 51

Saturday morning, Week 51.

This week is all about rewarding.

I had a huge smile on my face as I discovered that the CCTV that mysteriously appeared a few weeks ago, is, in fact, being monitored by Brent Council. Not only that but they have now displayed WANTED posters for “crimes against your streets” photo shaming the perpetrators.

The penalty is 5 years in prison or unlimited fines and the reward for dobbing them in is “cleaner streets”. Brent council taking a zero tolerance stand on illegal rubbish dumping. What’s more, there was only a banana skin in the spot that is usually piled with smelly bags of household waste. Fame at last for the humble banana skin. 🍌

Less rubbish at this notorious hot spot but still plenty of the usual littering to keep us busy on the rest of the towpath. A pair of old builders boots with socks stuffed inside with a receipt in the bag for some new ones. “Oh, I think I’ll just swap my old boots for the new ones and leave the old ones in the bushes” 🤦🏼‍♀️.

Someone has planted spring onions. Yes, a bunch of them have been individually planted out by the path!! Will they reward us as they grow into fatter onions?? Will they actually grow into fatter onions?? How weird.

And finally after around 2 hours of the usual hard graft we came across some sofa cushions the drinkers had bought along to make their drinking den more comfortable. I didn’t have much time left so decided that as the blue bag we hang in the tree was full to bursting with their cans and bottles and very little other litter around that spot I would tidy up their lounge space, hang a new bag and not remove their comfy seating or little makeshift table. Rewarding the drinkers for saving us work when I want to get home to go out this afternoon. #cleanertowpathsforeveryone #cctv #monitoring #rewarding #drinkers #growspringonions #buildersboots

Then I ran home the short way to get back quickly. 🏃🏼‍♀️💖♻️