Week 49

It’s only taken 49 litter picking Saturdays to finally have so much help. Like buses, it all comes at once. LOOK AT THIS, a man came along today and only fixed up CCTV overlooking one of the worst spots for fly tipping that we have had to endure all this time. Yay I’m so happy to see this little black box. I really hope it will deter the litterers now that there’s an eye on them. I will be watching this area with interest to see if there is an improvement. Then a Canal and River Trust boat appeared (The Pride of London) as we merged with their clean up event. It moored up next to us and our rubbish collected could just be thrown on board. No lugging heavy bags or carting heavy loads in the wheelbarrow, this is spoiling us today. My bingo wings got plenty of use today though, as I fished out so much plastic from the “churn” in the water. Look at it all along the grassy edge, drying off a bit before being bagged up. And, we were also issued CRT official life jackets to be worn for the long pole/net exercise. Now, if we ever fall in at least we won’t drown even though the water is only waist deep. But health and safety and all that…… All these little things made today a morning to be proud of. All our meetings and requests finally all seemed to appear at once. Let’s celebrate by dancing round with the crutch we found in a bush and feeling proud of the new sign to acknowledge our hard work as our newly constituted group, Friends of Grand Union Canal. (Follow us on Facebook and become a paid up member for a one off payment of just £2 to help pay for our insurance and website) We are ‘flaming good’. Sadly I didn’t take any Heroes chocs with me today. But there’s always next week when it will be my week 50. #cctv #lifejackets #aboattohelp #litterpickerslife #happylitterloz Plus did I mention I think in all there were over 10 of us when we merged with the CRT event. Many hands meant we finished earlier too. Then I ran home in flurries of snow. Great morning.